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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 24, 2015 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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receiver did not establish himself as runner did not complete the process of the catch. incomplete pass. will be new york's ball -- washington ball, fourth down on the 22 yard line. 5:48 on the clock. clock will start on the snap. >> phil: reached back making the catch by pierre garçon. >> jim: with 5:48 to go and down 19. they're going to go ahead go for it. >> phil: absolutely. fourth down. any chance to win the football game, if there is any, you have to go for it in this situation.
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they're going to send more people, that's the idea to make him get rid of the football quicker. >> jim: the flag, which should save them. he was holding me. talk about garçon. amukamara. i don't know if that argument will hold up. >> referee: pass interference. defense, no. 20. automatic first down at the spot of the foul. >> phil: here comes the blitz. three runners coming to the quarterback. kirk cousins does good job of getting the football up in the air. that's definitely holding. pass interference. >> jim: come on, friend. can't really to believe that he
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was holding. tom coughlin, shaking his head. fourth and 14. >> jim: first down from the 34. looking for pierre on that one. come up next, the postgame show. interviews and analysis of the night's game. lot of heavy hearts in the new york area with the news just yesterday of passing of yogi berra who had all those many quotes we'll never forget. one is, it ain't over until it's over. >> phil: it's getting pretty close here. cousins throws that one out of bounds. and the two of us had good fortune of having many occasions with this beautiful man.
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this incredible human being. >> phil: always in good spirits. played in golf tournaments he had. you and i were talking about him last night we were having some good memories of the things he said, he was the best -- see the highlights. amazing how he hits. over his head. >> jim: across the river. the empire state building honoring yogi in pinstripes. yogi born the year that the giants organization were born back in 1925. another fourth down situation here for washington.
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>> phil: defensive coordinator. need to pick up nine. keeps the drive going. the giants lining up, nikita whitlock. in there rushing. what do you expect. >> jim: a little more credit. >> phil: that was bad. i didn't mean it. you know, i will say this, when
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whitlock has been in the game as blocker for the giants first couple of games, unbelievable lead blocker in the fullback position. >> jim: doing more than taking up the position. reed holds on to it. >> phil: like baseball game. nice throw by kirk cousins. it's over, you don't want to use your pitching staff. just a guy in there to throw. >> jim: we've seen defensive linemen line up as fullback but don't see fullback line up as defensive tackle. throw back thursday. coming out of time out here in a moment. check this out. >> out of the shotgun. he takes it. pressure, he's in trouble. able to get away.
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looks to throw. he does. downfield and the leaping catch is played. what a play by eli manning. >> jim: how about that? pretty cool when you have marv albert calling your flag football game. >> phil: looks like him now. the movement. put on a lot of weight. the legs, the motion. crowder stepping out after picking up 11 and a first. >> phil: say earlier in this drive when kirk cousins, last year he was in this situation, the game is over he threw a couple really needless interceptions. this is good. whatever you want to say. it's a little bit of something positive drive this football down the field take advantage
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get it in the end zone. just more reps, more experience for a young quarterback. >> jim: from the giants 11. thompson fumbles out of bounds but it's a catch at the four. cousins with the last word to tom sop sends him out wide to the left. pick up first at the one. thompson and it's a touchdown for washington.
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chris thompson. >> phil: thompson has done a good job being outside and catching passes tonight. >> jim: looked like lance dunbar of the dallas cowboys, six catches, 44 yards and the redskins first touchdown of the game. >> phil: he does get in there, too. 13 points down go for two to get it to 11. hope to get it to 11. here is an interesting situation as tom coughlin throws out the challenge flag on scoring play that is supposed to be automatically reviewed to be confirmed. you can't do that, mike carey. >> he got a little anxious in
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there. going to cost him a time out. he is not allowed to challenge a play that is review booth challenge review. >> referee: new york attempted to challenge the ruling on scoring play, by rule they cannot challenge that play. new york is charged with their third and final type out of the half. >> jim: he was trying to make an appeal to thompson's left knee might have been down before he launched. watch the left knee. >> phil: it is down. should have been called. still can be. they haven't run a play since then.
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>> jim: no stoppage. they're going for the two. cousins goes in the end zone, he has the two points. crowder. very interesting. >> phil: tom coughlin has good eye over there. he was stalling for time. when you want to get somebody in a quick and make defender back up seen that quite a few times. >> jim: 3:40 to go. and deficit now at 11. the nfc east the cowboys look like, brandon wheaton at quarterback, tony and dez injured and out for the next month and a half, two months or so. coming in here at 1-1. the giants two difficult losses for the start of the season then the eagles not the fire power in
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philadelphia everybody was expecting. >> phil: that's right. just amazing one game here how changes whole perception of the nfc east. i'm very anxious to see, of course eagles sunday but dallas cowboys dez bryant and tony romo romo -- >> jim: hosting atlanta. >> phil: cowboys can hold it together. >> jim: on-side kick coming up from the recently signed kicker. the giants were able to snag it. the redskins did not make a play on the football after it bounced off of randall. >> phil: the fact that he tried to handle this, let it go out of bounds. almost impossible catch to make.
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preston smith of the linebacker not guy normally have reactionary skills to try to grab a football. he was trying to bust some things up given the chance. vereen alert to it makes the recovery. here is andre williams. the 96th win it appears for giants over washington. this could possibly be the 97th, i beg your pardon. set the mark for most wins by one opponent against another team in this league. came into this game tied with the bears 96 wins over the lions.
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williams struggles to get near the line of scrimmage. tackled by baker. here is the last time out by washington. coming up next, it's the mazda postgame show. interviews and analysis of tonight's game. odell beckham jr. will be on the set. >> phil: very well. sometimes go down on the field because of the success the attention that he was being treated differently. yes, he felt the guys were
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getting fired up to play. tried to deliver that big hit. that's what happens when you have great success in this league you become a target. >> jim: won voting. down the field. the rebound for the touchdown! there's a flag down in the secondary. breeland who gave up the touchdown to beckham earlier. appears to be the victim for the second time. >> referee: no foul on the play nor defensive holding. result of the play is a touchdown. >> phil: reuben randall. battling tendonitis in his knee. kept him limited during preasses
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on. needs to be more part of our game plan more involved. boy has he. 41 yards on that catch. seven catches on the night for 116 yards now the score. >> phil: really interesting. two days to practice this week. tom coughlin brought up reuben randall. going to get out of this slump. what a big way to do it. >> jim: the lsu tiger wide receivers. beckham and randall. >> phil: good concentration. the giants need him to come through. every team you need back shoulder throws. the throw where you throw it up high, need big wide receiver, something like that play we just saw. that's what reuben randall does. they got victor cruz. >> jim: he'll be back next game. >> phil: and odell beckham jr.
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they are different types of receivers. he rounds out the group with this giants offense. >> jim: randall has just four catches through the first two games. >> phil: eli loves this late in the game. >> jim: the calf injury, knee injury, sidelined him at the start. but indication we got he could possibly be on board when they play their text game at buffalo on the 4th of october. >> phil: going to change their offense tremendously. wide receiver like a tight end. >> jim: a good return. ross turns on the astro burners for the touchdown!
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100 yards! >> phil: you said it. he turned it on. the angle was there. i thought for sure he's going to be brought down. when he gets to the other sideline -- the extra defensive back. never could get thing a toll get him. >> jim: he was close to go go out but i think he is safely in. that's where it was close. planning on his toes taking off for the touchdown. now i would think they want to go for one here. and tom coughlin who was so excited about his special teams, talking to him this week. i don't think he's excited about that. >> phil: just wants this game to
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end. that's it. let's get this -- gets the bobble touchdown catch by reuben randall can finally be over. here we go. give up this touchdown we got fight our way through another on-side kick. >> jim: extra point is delivered by dustin hopkins. brings it to 32-21. with 3:08 to go. >> phil: on-side kick again. >> jim: tom has to be over there saying, can we just finish a game? is that too much to ask? for the third straight game the giants have given up 14 points in the fourth quarter. >> phil: a little different situation. >> phil: the giants are a football team, yeah, they could
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have won those first two games but they're just trying to hold it together until victor cruz is back in the line up. get some of the defensive linemen back and healthy then start being the team that i think they hope to be. every team gets in this situation in the nfl. injuries, missing key guys. can't let it get away. have to find way to win some tough games. >> jim: hopkins coming back to the near side again. and it's out of bounds. randall again kept his concentration on the touchdown catch. saw one go off his foot this went through his hands. but the ball will belong to the giants. >> phil: excellent kick though.
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two different types. one was hugging the ground almost impossible to catch that was took big hop which you love gets your chance to make a play on the football. i can't imagine what the issue is. >> referee: out of bounds by the kicking team. ball spotted at the out of bounds spot. new york ball. >> phil: hit rub enrandall's hands. >> jim: the kick goes out of bounds. right through his hands. the ball will be at the 44 yard line. one touchdown in the entire game in the first three quarters.
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now we've had four in the fourth quarter including three in the last 32 seconds. cannot stop the clock, out of timeouts. williams no gain. manning's numbers now, 23 of 31. 279 yards. two touchdowns, no picks. not thrown an interception this season. >> phil: good job by eli manning tonight throwing the football. never really was in doubt. never threw football that was in trouble. very smart. he did everything he told us he was going to try to do.
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>> jim: down to the two-minute warning with this play. randall, 14 catches combined. for 195 yards and pair of touchdowns. we've reached the two-minute warning. giants face third down coming out of it. receivers delivered tonight especially late.
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>> jim: coming out of the two minute warning third down and manning's pass knocked down trying to go back to beckham junior. breeland that time made the play. giants will punt with 1:56 to go.
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>> phil: winning this football game looked like giants would hold on to win this. just takes a little that have edge off. now can pull out the practice, sometimes a little loose in practice it's better feeling in the building. >> jim: the run. crowder. what do you make of the giants purchase answer here tonight. >> phil: it was okay. the difference in the game is the giant quarterbacks, did all the right things, the game planning, the executing the way they wanted. >> jim: you used to say don't tell me about a quarterback managing the game.
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>> phil: i didn't say -- i didn't mean in bad way. >> jim: i said that one time to you. he manages the game. you said, don't ever say that. waiting all these years. >> phil: got me. he won't lose it. >> jim: eli on his way to what will be his 100th victory, regular and post season combined thompson, all-time record for wins by a giant quarterback, regular and post is 101. it belongs to no. 11. >> phil: it does.
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couple more weeks. you think of eli manning just what he's done here tonight. look at the numbers for both quarterbacks. >> jim: now 288 yards, put up a lot of in this fourth quarter. >> phil: when tom coughlin talked about eli manning. the whole building, comes for him. wow, that's right. so much pressure on him. >> jim: pass along best wishes to -- >> referee: pass interference. defense, no. 54. automatic first down spot of the foul. >> jim: pass along our best
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wishes to curt's father, don, who is amine tore in orlando's discovery church, recently has battle with cancer is in treatment. wish him the very best. i know how proud he is of his boy. >> phil: he should be. he's a good man. what a throw. >> jim: went to the ground still held on to it. incomplete. >> phil: made that throw down the field as he was going down to the ground. just say about eli manning, i didn't finish, jim. i just think it's remarkable with so many quarterbacks in this league that just can play year after year, never miss. joe flacco, eli, payton of
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course had one year where he missed. >> jim: the punishing hit. down to the final 25 seconds. pick up five yards on pass play we'll have 300 yard game. there it is. smartly able to wiggle free and get out of bounds. up to 315 passing. physician some of the passes, this is experience. just like couple of these throws. that was about one of the better throws in the night by kirk cousins. really stepped into it, you could see the blocking on the wall. the more you throw the more chancesh you get out there, you get comfortable, you trust yourself in what you see. then trust your ability.
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>> jim: tie can career high. end zone, batted down. believe he's long term solution for the quarterback for redskins? >> phil: i can't say yes or no and i wouldn't. they're going to give him chance to see if he can string together enough solid play, if they can find way -- two things. play well after this game. otherwise those questions are always going to be out there, especially down there and one of the quarterbacks on roster is robert griffin iii. of course and colt mccompany is back up who last year he played. jay gruden said good things. >> jim: flag comes out. which could possibly end the
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game if it's against washington. redskins not going with preferred attack. >> referee: replay. >> jim: go to the ground. thompson. to close it out. at the 14 yard line. giants victory first of the season. both teams walk off the field tonight at 1-2 on the year.
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nfc east now will go into the weekend wt 2-0. the giants and redskins at 1-2 the eagles at 0-2. that has not delivered multiple teams for the playoffs back in '09 not had wild card team, only the divisional chap has made it to the post season here over last five years. next week we'll have baltimore and pittsburgh delivered three, now 11 teams in the playoffs the last five years total including this divisional champs. tracy wolfson we'll hand off to you. >> tracy: thanks a lot i'm here with eli manning, to get that first win of the season how big of relief is it? >> it is. we needed a win, another home
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game so we have been there at the end, able to hold on that was big emphasis, win the fourth quarter. when fourth quarter came we got elevate our play and play our best football. i thought we did that tonight, make the big plays in the fourth quarter. >> tracy: odell beckham jr. and reuben randall a tip pass now victor cruz back on sunday how lethal could this offense be? >> we've got to keep working. got good players. need reuben to play well we him the ball more get him catches. he did good job. been working hard that was good, odell, yeah. victor back in the mix with another weapon, keep working, we're getting close, we'll get better. >> tracy: congratulations on the win. >> thanks so much. >> jim: sounds like his brother was last thursday night. wove had two thursday night
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